Fernando Brito (musician, singer and composer) starts his musical experience inside the rodas de samba – events similar to samba jam sessions that bring together many people who sing and dance around the table where the musicians play and sing – in favelas and the suburban neighborhoods in the west area of São Paulo (Brazil).

In 2005, after entering the Advertising course at PUC-SP, he began to research the conceptual definition of his projects, researching new references and musical tendencies – which, later, will give birth to his project with the group DoBrás music. From this moment on, he starts performing at important cultural centers of São Paulo, such as SESC (cultural centers related to the category of traders), Virada Cultural (the most important culture event of Sao Paulo), MIS – the Museum of Image and Sound, the Galeria Olido, the Casa das Caldeiras and several night clubs in the neighborhoods of Vila Madalena, Bixiga, Pinheiros and Centro (downtown), accumulating references and repertoires of various aspects of Brazilian music. The mixture of rhythms and cultures has become fundamental for the development of its authorial production, which has as its matrix the cadence of the samba, mixed with the swing of bossa nova, groove and baião (typical music genre of the northeast of Brazil).

Fernando Brito reflects with his music all the culture and the experience absorbed in the environments in which he lived in his 35 years, in moments of frenzy shared daily by millions of Afro-Brazilians and the everyday life of the agitated city of São Paulo. This intimate coexistence with the contradictions of the city (from childhood in the ghettos to graduation and entry into the world of work), its involvement with social issues and causes, mainly linked to racism, added to its constant musical research, represent the basis for his compositions and highlight in every project the contribution that his art gives to the new generation of independent musicians of São Paulo.